miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2012


We are glad to announce the 3rd. International Meeting of Contact Improvisation Teachers in Latin America, to be held in 2013 in Gamboa, Brasil from February 23rd. to March 1st. 2013.

Teachers and experienced practitioners involved and interested in the transmission of Contact Improvisation are invited to participate in this meeting. 

As envisioned in the previous meeting, EIMCILA 2013 will feature a 'seed' pre-meeting of 3 days ( from 20 to 22 February ) to define its structure, activities, objectives and other decisions.

All participants at EIMCILA 2013 are invited to attend this 'seed' pre-meeting and, thereby, actively participating in the horizontal planning of its form and content.

Once again we invite you to be part in a spirit of generosity, listening, sharing and cooperation, and to join in with an open and self-responsible attitude.

Together we are building the identity and tradition of EIMCILA.
We hope you be there to be part of its construction!!!

EIMCILA focuser Team 2013
Autarco Arfini - Ana Alonso - Paula Zacharías - Laura Barceló